From July, your holiday at the Cipriani Park Hotel: new in 2020

A holiday that follows the rhythm of nature, in the magnificent Abruzzo Apennines: the Cipriani Park Hotel in Rivisondoli is ready to welcome you back, guaranteeing you, as always, the tranquillity that the Majella National Park can give you.

From 1 December, we will be reopening our doors with numerous new features, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing and safe stay:



Starting this year, we are sanitising the rooms with a hydrogen peroxide-based nebuliser, sanitising with a special machine that reaches even the highest parts of the room - including curtains and fabrics - without making the environment damp. The washing and disinfection of the linens will be certified. To ensure maximum cleanliness after each departure, check-in has been postponed for two hours in order to allow staff enough time to sanitise the rooms down to the smallest detail. In the event that guests do not want to let strangers enter their room (room attendants for example), it is possible to forego daily cleaning.

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We will maintain a friendly, warm relationship, but at a safe distance. With your help, we will try to collect data needed for check-in before your arrival at the hotel. If this is not possible, we prefer that one person per group enter the Hotel to provide us the information for all the other guests. Upon arrival you will find a station with a Thermal scanner for measuring your temperature and products for disinfecting your hands.


Guests at the Cipriani Park Hotel are obliged to wear a mask in the common areas and to comply with social distancing, by maintaining a distance of at least one metre. We recommend that you do not stay in the Hall for more than 5 minutes.


In our bar, you will find a special spacer: after ordering, you can sit outside or on the upper gallery and our staff will serve you your order with no extra charge.


The Restaurant at the Cipriani Park Hotel is returning to welcome you with the same flavours as ever. Safe distances are guaranteed and all areas and tables are constantly sanitised and ventilated. In the event of a large turnout, the restaurant room will be organised in two shifts, to allow everyone to enjoy our dishes in an uncrowded place. The room manager will take care to show you the menu and take your order directly upon arrival: you will also be provided with a QR code, so that you can read our proposals digitally. Our usual vegetable buffet has been eliminated to ensure greater safety: if you would like some vegetables, you can order them and they will be served directly at your table.


It is very important to start the day with a good breakfast. We have not eliminated our rich breakfast buffet, but you will find spacers and a member of staff who will take care of the buffet area. If you prefer to have breakfast in your room, you can request it with no extra charge: you will simply need to let us know, the evening before, what you would like to eat and what time you would like us to bring it to your room.

Booking and cancellation policy

After you have made your booking and received the confirmation email, we will send you our bank details. You will be asked for a deposit of 30% of the full amount that we will retain in case of cancellation less than 5 days before your arrival.  In case of cancellation at least one week before arrival, we will give you the chance to use it for another stay in a different period, with prices updated to the chosen period no later than August 2020, or you will have the chance to use it during the winter season 2020-2021.